Hi, thanks for dropping by.

I’m a young woman living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I have a degree in International Communication Management BSc. and I keep myself occupied during the day by working a Marketing job at a law firm. At night time I study for my Psychology MSc. When I have some time left, I fill it with shopping, cooking, cleaning and all the other good stuff.

This is my personal blog where I state my opinions and release my mind. I intend to enjoy every bit of my life and appreciate all beautiful things. And since I’m kinda random, my blog is about everything! (I know that you’re suppose to write about just one thing, but I just can’t stick to this blog rule) I love fashion, I love the art of it and the time spent to create it. By no means am I a fashionista (you will not see me pose in my OOTD) but you will find my views on it.

The blog used to be called Josefine Lievie, but I think marketing wise, a different name would be more appropriate (easier to remember and neutral). So it’s now called Pepper and her Bells, why? People usually see me as a little pepper, cause I’m feisty sometimes. And the bells come from the little bells necklace my boyfriend gave me, so then I thought: Pepperbells!! But that would sound like a totally different thing… so I decided on Pepper and her Bells! (bf suggested Pepper and her Balls :-p)

I’m trying to add a contact form, but I haven’t figured it out yet. So I’m still waiting for it to magically appear!

I hope you enjoy my little stories and brain farts and please feel free to comment.

I FOUND THE CONTACT FORM!!! So if you have anything you wish to tell me in private, please leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible ;p

btw: Pictures posted all belong to me (if not, source will be stated), please contact me first if you would like to use my pictures or use link address to insert.


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