How come Zara doesn’t get sued over copying?

Who ever keeps an eye on fashion high-end and low-end would have noticed; a lot of low-end brands copy high-end fashion. What ever you see walking by on the catwalk will be sold in stores like Zara or even Primark. Zara is quick as lightning when it comes to translating runway to pieces in their stores.

So how come they do not get sued over copyrights?
The answer is simple. There is no competition between high-end and low-end. They target totally different markets and would not be competing with each other since people who are used to buying high-end will not buy the copied low-end version. And the low-end consumer will not (have the funds to) buy high-end.

In the case of Louboutin suing Zara over the red bottom shoes, the French court ruled it in favor of Zara. Even summoning Louboutin to pay Zara a fine of 2000 pounds in compensation.

Zara has some pieces copied from Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent Paris and many other designers. Making runway fashion a bit more accessible for people like me, the average Jo(e)sephine… I’ll make up with the high-end designers by buying their bags…

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2013, source TookLookBook

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2013, source TookLookBook


Zara current collection flower pants, source


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