How to accessorize your bag with a scarf

The Speedy and Neverful are the two most popular Louis Vuitton bags. I’ve counted them on the streets, on my way to work in Amsterdam and every morning I see at least 3 Speedy’s, not counting in my own. So to stand out a bit more or make it more special, I like to decorate my bags. Now you can do this with any bag, doesn’t have to be a Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton sells a lot of accessories to dress up your bag, bag charms, cles and also little silk scarfs aka bandeau. The bag charm and the cles are pretty much a no brainer, but with a bandeau you can do a little bit more. And they are relatively cheap compared to the bag charm, 110 euro vs 280 euro… Another option is a luggage tag, which is even cheaper and you can have it personalized with your initials.

I don’t own a Neverful, so I’ve dressed up my Speedy’s to show you what you can do with a bandeau.


My favorite way to tie it is a big bow in between the handles, on the outside as you can see above. To give it a special touch, I hook the lock in the middle, so it will have some extra jewelry.

  1. Loop your bandeau through the handle hardware parts, so both “rings” Pepperandherbells Louis Vuitton
  2. Make sure both ends are even in lengthPepperandherbells bandeau
  3. Make a knot in the middle, not a dead one, but a lose onePepper and her Bells Louis Vuitton
  4. Decide on how big you want the loops of your bow to be and fold it close to the knotLouis Vuitton map bandeau
  5. Now unlike me in the picture, use both hands to hold the “loops” and cross it to tie a knotHow to tie a bow
  6. Now just pull the loops on the other end of the knot to create your bowLouis Vuitton bow
  7. To make it extra pretty you can use the lock to loop through the knot and Tadaaa!!! Louis Vuitton Speedy bandeau bow

You can also put the bow on just one side of the handle, like below, but the principle of tying it is the same way as above.

Louis Vuitton Speedy bow bandeau

I hope the pictures were clarifying my unclear explanation.

The only difficulty is to get the bow even on both ends and this way of tying step 4 and 5 made it a lot easier. The magic trick is practice.

For more pictures of how I dress up my bag, have a look at my Instagram.

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