RTL Stylecase February Review

Recently I’ve switched from the Beautybox to the RTL Stylecase. Since Beautybox was always late with their deliveries and the content was not very impressive I thought the RTL Stylecase might be a better go. RTL Stylecase is a new box, debuting in January 2013. Since RTL is one of the biggest TV producer in The Netherlands and they seem to have a lot of celebrities backing them I expected some amazing products.

Received the box today, as promised, the last week of the month. It was put in a box that was properly sealed, unlike the Beautybox that occasionally gets a slimming treatment before it reaches the rightful owners.

RTL Stylecase februari 2013 verpakking

The box is nice and pink, nothing special, nothing bad.

RTL Stylecase doos

How does the RTL Stylecase and all the other boxes work?
Very simple, you pay 14,95 including shipping costs and you get a surprise box every month with beauty products. You get a few random sample size and a few full-size products.

What is in the February RTL Style case 2013?

  1. Kis Keraspray 75ml, 3,75 euro
  2. Make-up Studio Durable cream Eyeshadow Golden Dew, 16,90 euro
  3. TC Wow Eau de Toilette, 9,5ml, 14,95 euro
  4. Toni&Guy Cleanse Shampoo for Damaged hair, 50ml, 3,70 euro
  5. Lookx Mini Gloss, 6,05 euro
  6. Ladyshape Intimate Shaving Tool, 12,95 euro
  7. A booklet with information about the products

Adding up to 58,30 euro worth of products.

RTL Stylecase februari 2013 inhoud

If you ask me, there is nothing exciting about this box.
Some of the products have been featured in past boxes of the Beautycase, like the Lookx lipgloss (which I didn’t use, since it looked like a 6 years old toy).

Did a swatch on the Make-up Studio eyeshadow and it faded in with my skin, leaving gold shimmers. Guess I could use that as a base.

My boyfriend and I had a small discussion about the Ladyshape, it didn’t look practical to me and he thought it was cute (of course). It is a tool for you to use to make shapes in your pubic area…

The two hair product I’ll keep for when I go away as travel size products.

The only thing I really liked was the TC Wow Eau de Toilette of Daphne Dekkers. She has a bra line and this is the perfume of it. It is pleasant, very fresh, great for Summer. Smelled familiar but I can’t tell you which perfume it smells like. It is described as orange, peer, roses, patchoulies, jasmin and some wood scents. Maybe it will give you an idea.

RTL Stylecase TC Wow parfum februari 2013

If there is anything you would like a review on, please let me know.

It isn’t a very positive review, but I’m kinda harsh with things like this, very hard to please. I’ve ordered this box for 6 months and I’m starting to regret it. I hope it will change my mind in time, so I don’t have to look for another box to try when the 6 months are over.


5 responses to “RTL Stylecase February Review

  1. I haven’t heard of this one before, but id doesn’t look great. I have tried 3 boxes so far and I cancelled them all. After all, how many mascaras, lipbalms and mini shampoos can a girl have? 😉

    • If I see what was in the Beautybox last month, I just want to hit myself for canceling it. But hey, guess surprise doesn’t always mean a good surprise huh? I got it at first because I wanted to gift myself every month with something fun. Now it seems like a frustration :p
      The sample size products are very good for me since I travel kinda often and I don’t feel like carrying big bottles of shampoo. But all the other stuff… You need a pubic hair shape thing?

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