Quinoa, little effort gluten-free superfood to keep you young and healthy

Another year and time doesn’t stop. Going towards 30, aging is catching up with me. I feel less fit, don’t pop into shape after one session of Pilates anymore and the numbers on the scale are going up faster than my age!!

Now what can we do to slow down this aging process? You don’t have to just do it for vanity, living longer and healthier could also be a reason.

Working out is one thing you should do. Research has shown that people who does sports tend to have a better memory even when they grow older. But working out and stuffing your face with burgers and fries isn’t going to work. I know we often (I include myself, read WE :p) think, awww I worked out today, so I get to indulge in some yummy fast food. This pretty much eliminates the whole huffing and puffing effort…

Last night I had dinner at my friends place and she introduced me to Quinoa. When I first saw it I thought it was a bit like cous-cous, and it didn’t sparkle any interest, until I tried some. It might be because of how she made it, the excellent cook that she is, but it was like heaven on earth for a second. It isn’t mushy and it has a bit of “crunch” to it. It can be eaten warm or cold, in a salad or as a rice replacement. It is high in protein, minerals and is gluten-free.


Quinoa with avocado, tomato, spring unions, lime juice, pepper and salt

I’ve decided that I will take this to work with me for lunch, to replace the 2 slices of bread and soup. My friend told me she boiled a whole bag and just kept it in the fridge and added stuff in the morning, like avocado or shrimps. I’m incorporating this in my diet and see if I will feel better and look younger!!

If you live in the Netherlands, you can buy quinoa at De Tuinen and Jumbo, for 3,99 euro. Its from Naturecrops and if you can read Dutch: www.naturescrops.nl, they tell you the story and have a online book with chef-cook recipes!!

For information on quinoa, have a look here, no sense of reinventing the wheel right?! And for some quinoa recipes have a look here!


Naturecrops Quinoa, 3.99 euro

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