Leather care: How to keep your bags looking like a million bucks with just 10,-

Just like your skin, your leather needs care and treatment once in a while too. The right leather care can keep your goodies looking like new for the longest of times.

Bags and shoes are usually the things I look at when first meet someone. You might not know it, but it says a lot about that person. I have to admit that I haven’t always taken care of my bags and shoes. I’ve had beautiful suede handbags, which looked AWFUL!! after just two months because I didn’t use (the right) products to keep it looking like new. Now what does that say about me??!?!!

I have a friend who is very good with her stuff. She’s my example when it comes to maintenance on the wardrobe. Whenever she sees another beaten-up bag of mine, she shakes her head with a little smile (saying, OMG you did it again, you managed to fuck up this gorgeous bag). Her bags and shoes, of which some she has for years always looks so good, like new! Sometimes she sells them and she get’s a lot for it because it looks so good.

Lately I’ve been buying a bit more expensive bags, which do need a bit of care since I need them to last me a life time. So I started to seriously look into leather care. One brand that kept on popping up is Collonil leather care. It is a German brand and even has the loyalty of Mulberry (waterstop spray) calling it the best spray for the leather bags! Collonil has a wide range of products for (colored) leathers but also fabrics.

I’ve Googled and “Instagrammed” (yes my second google) on results of it and I’m very curious now. I saw full leather bags looking like new again after using the Collonil leather gel.

I bought the Collonil Nanopro spray for the handles of my LV Kusama bag, which is raw leather (vachetta). I sprayed it a couple of times, of course the leather turns darker but when it’s dry it should go back to the original color or maybe one shade darker depending on your leather. I can’t wait to take her out. If it stays pretty, I’ll be more confident in buying more bags with vachetta.

The thought of using Collonil on my leather jackets just popped up! Think I’m gonna go hunt for the Collonil leather gel this weekend to give my leathers some love!!

For those who want to know more, Collonil.



2 responses to “Leather care: How to keep your bags looking like a million bucks with just 10,-

  1. I was wondering what your thoughts are on the Collonil leather products. Are you happy with them, now that you’ve used them for a few years,

    • Hi! I have to say I dont use the spray on my bags anymore since I’m no longer buying new vachetta anymore. But I did use the cleaner a few weeks ago and it was good. I do wonder how it compares to LovingMyBags.

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