Louis Vuitton Customer Service caught my heart (wallet)

Last week I purchased a Louis Vuitton bag. A Yayoi Kusama Speedy 30 Yellow to be specific. I’ve been eyeing for a while but skipped it the first time I saw it for another bag. During my trip to London I saw they still had some Kusama pieces left. So when I got back I called Louis Vuitton customer service to see if they still had some and sure thing they did!!

I emailed the Louis Vuitton store manager to see when they would be shipped back to France, this because it is Limited Edition and they only sell it for a little while. She told me they would keep it till the 31st. If you are wondering how I got her email address… A while ago she emailed me a copy of my receipt of my stolen bag for my insurance claim.

Anyways, I’m blabbing away now. I purchased the bag but by the time I got home I found out that the glazing on one of the handle tabs of my new Louis Vuitton Speedy was damaged!! So I emailed her my unpleasant finding with picture and that I can’t accept this. She replied that its not suppose to be like that and I could exchange it. Yes, they had a couple of them. She offered to send a courier to my house or job so I didn’t have to go into the store!!! Well, this is what I call service!!! It has been snowing and freezing here and it doesn’t make any outside trip any more fun. Now she’s sending the courier to my job tomorrow to exchange the bag.

Her offer took away all negative feelings and kinda make me feel warm and fuzzy. I feel like I’ve spent my money on quality and on good customer service. I’m very happy with the Louis Vuitton customer service of the PC Hooftstraat. Especially since I’ll be going on Saturday with my Louis Vuitton club for a presentation of the new collection.

With their excellent service they have my loyalty, my heart and surely my wallet!!

I think a lot of companies and people can learn from this. Like I’ve said before in my other CS posts, people are not willing to spend as easily as before the economical crisis, offer them something extra that money can’t buy and they will come back to spend more on your products. Great customer service is one of those things.



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