Confessions of a Louis Vuitton addict: bad for the wallet…

Louis Vuitton speedy 30 DA

I’m an LV girl in an LV world… It’s fantastic!!! Lately I’ve jumped back in the LV world and I must say the dam has broken en and I’m diving deep.

The first Louis Vuitton bag I got was a Speedy 35 Damier Azur and it was a gift. Never in my “right” mind (back then) would I have spent that much money on a bag. When I first got it I didn’t even want to use it because I was afraid I would damage it. Years into having it I started to get more used to it and I starting looking to buy for the first time.

Being the kinda girl who watches her every penny, I never gotten myself far enough to purchase a precious Louis Vuitton bag. I’m an average young woman, with an average job and an average pay. Who like everyone else has bills to pay and vacations to save for.

After my first Louis Vuitton got stolen I had to buy one back since I missed it so much. Oh, what did I do? The gate was open and I’m addicted! I don’t know if I’m addicted to the journey of purchasing it, the customer service or the actual product. But this habit is making it hard to save money.

Being on the purse forum doesn’t help much either. All people with the same love for LV, things I can share and relate to that people around me just don’t understand. It just fires up my passion.

Now I can image you being confused about this post, am I complaining or am I showing my love? Both!!!

I’ve decided to set a limit for myself, not a ban… And decide on what pieces I want for this year and what else I have to save for.
Also not to drop by Louis Vuitton every other week! Since I seem to buy something every time I’m there. My SA is just too kind! And I can’t help myself buying something I of course do not need but do love. Louis Vuitton releasing new bags every couple of months doesn’t help with the planning… But I have to!!!!

If you wonder what I like about the LV bags. I can tell you it’s because of the durability, the customer service and also the image that comes with it. There are a lot of cheaper bags with the same quality. But the image part does play a big role. Don’t want to be fake and say it doesn’t matter, cause IT SURE DOES! I don’t buy it to show off, but to show myself that I do deserve some luxury in my life.

I’ve purchased other expensive (fashion) bags and I’ve not always been happy with the quality. I know Louis Vuitton bags will last me for years and that it will keep its value better than other bags because Louis Vuitton never goes on sale.

Let’s hope I succeed in planning my bag purchases and still be able to go on vacation!!


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2 responses to “Confessions of a Louis Vuitton addict: bad for the wallet…

  1. Ah ik ken het gevoel. Ik heb 4 jaar zitten twijfelen over een speedy, uiteindelijk heb ik die vorig jaar gekocht. Sindsdien ben ik verliefd, verliefd op het merk, en verliefd op de service! Aakomende week ga ik shoppen in Amsterdam en gegarandeerd dat ik met iets van LV ga thuis komen haha. Het is maar goed dat ik niet in of vlak bij amsterdam woon.

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