Givenchy Antigona pony hair tie dye bag review and care

So after a long journey of contemplating and shopping I have decided to get the Givenchy Antigona. I was in Berlin and received some bad news. So instead of crying I went ahead and bought a bag to cheer me up. At the KaDeWe they had a my favorite brands, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy. The first two had the bags I wanted, but I had to have a quick peek if they had the Givenchy Antigona, not only did they have it, it was on SALE!!!

I got the Antigona pony hair tie dye black and red duffle bag in medium. They call it pony hair but it is actually calf hair, so no my little pony drama please! I got the medium because the small was just a little bit too small. You can compare the Antigona medium with a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, but just a tad bit bigger. Because it has hair on it, you don’t have to spray it, all you need to do is brush it. But do be careful with rubbing (like belts or your body, so how should you wear it… I can imagine you thinking it…), it will leave your bag with bald spots!

Givenchy antigona pony hair red black

The handles are made of calf leather and somewhat delicate I’ve noticed. Because by the time I got off the train in The Netherlands the handles were damaged! And it was my first time using the bag!

Calf leather antigona handle damaged chipped cracked

I scoured the internet for how to fix it and then I remembered I had a tub of beeswax for leather shoes. I’ve conditioned it with beeswax and it looks a lot better now. The beeswax protects it from water, conditions it and gives it a bit of a sheen. Mind you it may alter lighter colors, do not use it on vachetta leather (untreated leather) if you like them to patena naturally.

calf leather handle treated with beeswax

calf leather handle treated with beeswax

I really do like the bag, it holds a lot of stuff. It’s very easy on the eyes and it makes me feel good. Babying a bag isn’t really my thing, when I spend money like this I would like to use it too! I feel like I’ve cheated on Louis Vuitton and that it wasn’t worth it. Maybe it’s just my luck that I got a bad Givenchy Antigona quality bag. Hopefully I will learn to love this bag and it will get a bit stronger, because if not it will not survive my beatings and I will never buy Givenchy again! Their customer service sucks btw, so no use of trying to get help from them.

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5 responses to “Givenchy Antigona pony hair tie dye bag review and care

  1. Hey! Enjoyed your blog on the antigona. I’ve just got mine in V shape recently, and after literally 3 uses the handle came off! Only to find glue like stuff on it! So maybe its not just the one bad quality that we just bought? But while I had it, I fell in love! Took it back to the shop and also had poor (poooooor) quality of service! They wanted to repair ir instead of handing me a new one. Especially when I bought it full price! After many emotional conversations, hoping to get a new one and at better quality soon! (Can you believe waiting time is somewhere within 2 weeks)

    • Gasping reading your story! I love the look of the bag and how handy it is. But the quality just set me back. So saddening. It’s just ridiculous that you pay so much and you get so little back. I’m usually a LV girl because I love their customer service and their quality. Givenchy Antigona made me fearful of trying other brands. I hope they give you what makes you happy, you really deserve it. Where do you live? In the EU there are certain laws they have to oblige to. Keep me updated on the progress!!

  2. wow, the Antigona is stunning in ponyhair. But what about those handles???? looks like they have cracked because they are dry??? a new bag is not supposed to get like that. Try calling Givenchy again. Good luck. The bag is beautiful!

    • Thank you! Givenchy doesn’t have customer service over here. So I used beeswax to lotion it a bit and it helped. I sold the bag now because it was just a bit too heavy and I was afraid that I would mess up the ponyhair if I would hold it against my body. Did see they had a nice sturdy black one out now. Looked a bit like stingray. Maybe the smaller one would be a better option for me.

  3. I have been so tempted to buy this bag but after reading this I am concerned with quality. I think I might have to skip this…
    Thank you for sharing!

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