Maison Martin Margiela sale on H&M online sale The Netherlands

Martin Margiela watch bracelet

Today H&M online started their sale. The pieces in collaboration with Martin Margiela are going for half price or less!! Of course I can’t let that slip by, limited edition and good sales (TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY!).

I’ve always admired Maison Martin Margiela’s pieces. Didn’t always love all of it, but I do sure respect him for being different and staying true to his own design aesthetics. My first encounter with his work was during my fashion design course, it was our first assignment to take the Margiela dress pattern and  tweak it to become our own.

I can’t wait for the stuff to get in! So hopefully I’ll be able to share with you soon.

btw. H&M call center customer service suck!!! Doesn’t know what customer service means and take no value to what you think of them. Cocky sons of a b*tches they are! Forgot to fill in my discount codes and tried to get them validated by phone and they declined my request and told me they can’t deliver at my job because there were too many people ordering!!! Got my new address and then hung up…

So if you live in the Netherlands and you want to order, contact me for the discount codes. Just can’t let them have all the fun!

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