Yves Saint Laurent Arty ring to be discontinued

Yves Saint Laurent arty ring
Update January 14, now it’s been said that it will not be discontinued. But they are still not selling on the Saint Laurent website. Lets see what’s gonna happen…

I don’t know who to blame but Hedi Slimane, he has been on my target list to pick on and he has done nothing to get himself off the list! YSL must be turning in his grave.

Saint Laurent is discontinuing the YSL arty ring! Are you crying with me yet?! Talking about destroying about everything YSL stands out for… The Artsy ring is the most iconic ring within the blogging scene, not because it has been hyped up but because it gives your plain outfit a great twist. Hedi Slimane is taking all the life out of YSL…

So before they are all gone, I will be buying one (or two) before I’m too late! Get your YSL Arty statement ring too asap!

Ordered mine at net-a-porter.


2 responses to “Yves Saint Laurent Arty ring to be discontinued

    • Well now rumor has it that they are skipping a season and that it will be back. Maybe the people’s voice is stronger than Slimane’s will. Or some sa’s are not informed right…

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