The magic of a designer bag

I will miss you forever my LoVe

It wasn’t till my beloved Louis Vuitton bag got stolen that the thought hit me. I didn’t just miss my bag and EVERYTHING (do you read my frustration?) that was in it, I also miss the way I was treated. Treated? you may ask, yessss i’ll tell you.

You could easily argue that it is ridiculous to be spending so much money on a bag and that any other bag can hold the same lasting quality. But there is one element that comes with this expensive purchase. That is the way how people treat and view you.

As you may know, the first impression is what counts the most. From my own experience, I have been treated differently depending on which bag I was holding in same situations. Let me paint this picture for you… When I would go shopping or eating somewhere without my bag, little interest has been shown. No, good day m’am, how can I help you? But a rather more of a “what are you doing here” look (Maybe this says something about my style). When I would return to the same place accompanied by my Louis Vuitton, all of a sudden I be greeted get smiles, better tables, less waiting time etc.

I’ve read an article that people in all situations size you up by accessories and not by clothes. Men have cars and watches, women have bags and jewelry as power tools. It is not only at stores or restaurants where they judge you on your bag, also during job interviews and while dating… yesssss dating….

The thought is that people who buy and wear designer (bags) know what they want in life, are willing to invest, are more mature and appreciate quality. Of course you cannot say that people who don’t buy designer are not all of that. But apparently wearing one does give off that vibe immediately.

Just writing this article makes me miss my bag even more, I miss the feel and the weight of it… Okay… Let me snap out of it… 

When buying and wearing a designer bag, you are buying and wearing a status symbol.

Now the big question is: Are you wearing it because you appreciate the quality or are you wearing it because of the status that comes with it?? 

Tip: Don’t wear your LV bag with your LV scarf AND your LV shoes (in the same matching style), that is just tacky… Then you’re just showing off…


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