Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane underwhelming debut Spring Summer 2013

I’ve been thinking about if I should write about Hedi Slimane’s debut show for Saint Laurent for a couple of days. The last few times I had nothing good to say about his actions regarding YSL, but I kept hoping that he would prove me wrong.

I’m sad to say that his show didn’t change my mind. With all the changes he implemented, from moving the atelier to the States and changing the name and so also the brand identity he had a lot of arrows pointing at him for a while.

His Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2013 show was disappointing. People has called his work “Primark” and when I saw it, what came to mind was: Slimane is designing for the Amish. It saddens me to see that he didn’t come in with a big bang and showed everyone that he is capable.

With black being the main color, it seemed more like a fall winter collection. There was nothing spectacular about the clothing. Sure they are all nice pieces for every day, very wearable. But where were the bags and other accessories?!?! As a debut show, you need to make a statement. If you would tell me this is Zara, I would believe it…

It saddens me to see Saint Laurent being presented like this. Let’s hope the next show will be better. Please Hedi Slimane, pleaseeee…

Oh, and I also read about the arrogant diva-ish behavior he (or his PR firm) was showing towards the press and everything… Nobody likes a diva with no accomplishments Slimane… Don’t have a set of new rules for outsiders before you have proven your rule on the YSL throne.

I’m watching the show while I’m writing this and I’m more focussed on my meat pie and Latte than the cloths, that’s a bad thing…


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