Zara, bad product quality, good customer service

Today to my utmost horror my beloved Zara bag was broken when I got home. In my earlier posts I blogged about that the Zara bowling bag probably couldn’t handle too much weight and I was right. Don’t be fooled by its name, this “bowling” bag can’t handle any weight.

The bag I ordered online, so I called Zara customer service. They told me to print the receipt from my Zara account and go to the store. Due to their Zara online policy, which is different from the Zara Netherlands rules, I could get the same model or get my money back but not a different bag from the store. So I decided to get a refund because I think this bag just isn’t strong enough to hold my stuff.

So at the store I returned my broken bag and they called to see if I could get a refund after 2 months. They sent the money back to my account, no cash. I’m happy with their service and the good collaboration between the store and online even though they do not have the same policy. Now their products need to have the same quality, cause even though they copy the latest high end runway fashion, Zara still isn’t cheap!



One response to “Zara, bad product quality, good customer service

  1. As a special shopper meaning black I attempted to buy a product and dealt with the most inflexible manager
    Do not support zara

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