Anna Dello Russo is telling you to shower

Anna Dello Russo isn’t telling you that you have bad BO (body odor), she’s telling you: You need a fashion showah! Who doesn’t know it, Anna Dello Russo has designed an accessories line for H&M. The next H&M hype. For those who didn’t know, Anna Dello Russo is Vogue Japan’s editor-at-large. The accessories from jewelry, shoes to suitcases can’t be missed when you see it, all up in your face available from the 4th of October in selected H&M stores.

As loud as the accessories are, so is the Anna Dello Russo for H&M campaign. Promoting this line, a few virals has been released. Even though you might have your question marks with what she sings/says in the virals, it is catchy and it is a convo starter. Backed up by Anna Dello Russo’s FB fanpage, the hype has been set.

I think the clips are pretty entertaining, and I don’t take all that she says to heart cause there are a few oxymorons in them. Like fashion is a declaration of your own freedom and fashion is alway uncomfortable (doesn’t make sense to me, other may disagree)… But yeah, it intrigues me.

Great respect for what they have done with it, and I wonder how many people will be standing in line for the turquoise and gold bling!

Watch the clip

Behind the scene

Join the game to win some of AdR for H&M accessories => here

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