Alexander Wang Spring 2013 copies Tufi Duek Spring 2011

Alexander Wang VS Tufi Duek picture source:

Oeh… this is a nasty case of copying Alexander Wang. What were you thinking?! The Alexander Wang runway show for Spring 2013 was just a few days ago and everyone is talking about it. Alexander Wang copied Tufi Duek Spring 2011 collection.

The pictures (left of each set Alexander Wang, right Tufi Duek) show similarities in designs and styling. The shoes, the transparent cuts in clothing and the stripe in the hair. Now I understand that inspiration can come from different places, and maybe he saw it somewhere and thought he saw it in a cartoon or something, but this is just too much alike…

Alexander Wang isn’t just risking getting sued over copyrights but also his reputation. He hasn’t been around that long and is making a huge mistake that can send him off in the books as the copycat. Made big by Vogue, this young designer has shown potential and created buzz for his collections every season. Everyone is watching him and now it might cost him.

I hope for his sake he has a great PR firm to back him up and save what is left to save.

Oh just in case, I was inspired by to write this piece :p


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