Givenchy Antigona vs Fendi 2jours


At first I wanted the Fendi 2jours so bad. Then when I went to the store to have a look, I was caught off guard by the Givenchy Antigona.

The Fendi is more sophisticated, which would suit the professional environment. The Givenchy is more edgy, which suits my style better.

Now I don’t know what to do… What do you think??!? !



5 responses to “Givenchy Antigona vs Fendi 2jours

  1. I’m in the same predicament… I’m looking for a structured bag and it is confusing which one to choose from. Help me too!

    • Well I think I know which one I’m going for. Went to have another look at the Fendi and the handles leather seam glue was peeling already in the store. And when I’m paying that kind of money I do expect quality. So Givenchy quality seem to be a lot better! Louis Vuitton standard line has very good quality bags. Think I’ll look into their Damier Ebene, since those are less sensitive to rain and dirt.

  2. WOW WOW WOW, 100% same with me, im in doubt which one is better between givenchy antigona and fendi 2 jours!!! im looking for durable and structured bag, but givenchy antigona in shinny leather looks pretty good but it easily stretches right?

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