A day at the pool, great way to rethink my goals in life

Great way to recap

Sometimes you just have to stop and rethink certain things in life. Take a break from the rat race! Had a great day at my friends house and had the time to recap and rethink my life and what I want to do.

Being in the rat race, doing what is conventional and just keep on going without thinking what you want in life is one of the great ways to waste it. The small pleasures of weekends and chilling at the park with nice weather, we take as something earned and well deserved. But why can’t this be a standard of living and have it every day?

Because I feel like there should be more to my life than a 9-5 office job and the occasional gym session. I’ve decided to recap my life and rethink what I’m doing. Some of the questions that came up on this “having to do nothing” day are:

What are my ambitions?

What makes ME happy?

What am I good at?

What is attainable?

What am I willing to risk?

I’ve decided that I will do more in the industry that I love, fashion (not the industry I work in). Building my own dreams instead of waiting for someone to offer me what makes me happy and that gives me energy. I have a lot of passion for fashion (so cliche!). So I will find a way to live my dreams (being a fashion blogger is not an option, I’m just not comfortable in showing myself off).

For the next following months I will work on a better definition on how I’m going to realize my dreams. Guess that’s what I’ll be talking about more regularly.

Wish me luck!!!

Rethinking my life


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