UPDATE! FENDI 2jours the new IT bag for fall/winter 2012

2jours bag

FENDI 2jours bag, picture source: Google images

I’m in love… with the FENDI 2jours bag, introduced for fall/winter 2012/2013. This bag is sophisticated, simple but yet so appealing and recognizable by the luxurious finishes. This beauty comes in two sizes, medium and large. The medium comes with a shoulder strap.

FENDI 2jours bag comes in different colors and materials like calf skin, python, stingray, astrakhan and so on.

You might have seen it on celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker or Kate Moss, but now this FENDI bag is available to the public.

Even though the starting price is 1350,- euro (not the 1900 what I first thought! YEAH!!!) and not that affordable for regular people with bills to pay, I still think this is a good investment. It is a timeless piece and worth saving for. In the Netherlands you can get the bag at Bijenkorf at their FENDI shop-in-shop (available in the second week of August).

Update 4 February: Fendi in the Netherlands in the Bijenkorf Amsterdam has the new collection out. The blue and red are last season’s so now they have the yellow, grey and off white. Other colors, light blue and bright red will come in later, but they don’t know when. Prices are now 1450,- euros, went up due to higher taxes. The big ones are 1550,- but the big yellow one is 1450,- because this one was ordered before taxes went up. They still don’t do hotstamping, but are willing to contact Italy to get it done.

Update 8 December 2012:Β Fendi at KaDaWe in Berlin (is like Harrods in London) has the mediums in red, black, brown and more!!! They have plenty, maybe for Christmas and they go for 1440,- euros. They can do the hotstamping but it will take 2, 3 days. If you’re not staying that long, they can send you the tag by mail.

Update 1 December 2012: Bijenkorf Amsterdam is selling the Fendi 2jours cruise collection for 1450,- euro it’s the beige and white one.
Update 23 October: the red medium is sold out everywhere in Europe (was told by Harrods lady)! Guess they are keeping the chase alive, because there are only a few left of the medium. For those who are willing to wait, guess you’ll have to wait till next season IF you really want the red one.
Update 14 September: the gold snake skin with velour just came in at Bijenkorf and is priced at 1950,- euros. The medium red and black are gone and will not come in again this season… so that will be a trip to France… The large totes are still available at 1450,- euros.
Update 17 August: the red medium is in, the only medium, but the medium Black and Gold snake skin will come soon and the calfskin red and black medium are priced at 1350,- euro

Update 11 August: the bag is still not in yet. They won’t have all colors available, but red and black will come in eventually.

I’m happy that you can have the tag stamped with initials, cause I love my pieces custom and just for me. (FENDI shop-in-shop is too small to do hotstamping, they are waiting on response from Rome to see if they can hotstamp it there, and inform me as soon as possible) I do believe you can match this bag with every outfit, can’t wait to own it!

Guess I’ll be cutting on movie nights and eating out! Time to save for my new love!!!

Check FENDI to see the different styles and get your heart racing.


23 responses to “UPDATE! FENDI 2jours the new IT bag for fall/winter 2012

  1. Love your blog. And, guess what I love the 2jours. I have the large blue tote that you have pictured in your blog. It is amazing. And I had mine hot stamped. Love. Love. LOVE it!

    • Thank you!! How does it hold up? When I went to see it at the stores, the side leather parts seemed very delicate. They still can’t do hot stamping here in The Netherlands. Where did you get yours??

  2. The side panels are Vitelli, so more supple, however very strong. The main panels are Saffiano leather (think Prada Galleria and Viaggio) – so very strong and utterly durable and beautiful. Also, the contrast of soft and structure lends a most humbling and original experience to usage.

    I own 122 designer bags ranging from Prada, Vuitton, Dior, Ferragamo… And I love them all… Especially my Prada and miu miu. However, since owning my 2jours, it will become the only style I ever wish to carry.. In different colours and combinations.

    If it was possible to send you a pic of my hot stamped baby, I would. He is so beautiful. I call him FeFe as in Federico Fednissimo … My favourite ….!

    • 122 designer bags??!! Where do you store them???
      I saw one in the mustard color and the side panel was scratched! So it freaked me out! I beat on my bags and thought the sides would be too delicate for me. Just found you on Instagram and I see your baby!! He’s so beautiful. I’m a LV girl and promised I wouldn’t stray anymore, but this bag is calling me!!!!

  3. Hello there. Don’t feel too bad for straying to FENDI. After all, LVMH owns FENDI now.

    As for my bags I keep most of them in storage. Away from home. Easier to keep them safe and special.

    I urge you to get a 2jours. It will change your life. Mine has.

    Although my Prada bags are angry with me. πŸ˜‰ x.

    • Well I think it’s a quality thing. I’m just fearful after straying to Givenchy, I feel like on cheated on LV with something less… I’m gonna go have a look at the Fendi bags. The red one is my favorite, but they don’t have it here anymore. Have to see in London this coming weekend.
      You store them?? Away from home??? Do you take them out for air once in a while? I’m sure all of your bags are jealous :p

  4. Yes, the majority of them are stored away from home, and many of them won’t see the light of day, other than being a collector’s piece…

    That said, I visit them frequently, and do use a lot of my bags, and love them. Especially a lot of my Prada and LV.

    As far as straying – I wouldn’t begin to worry, as LVMH owns Givenchy and FENDI – so, essentially, you are keeping it all “in the family”.

    This is not a bad thing, after all!

    Please keep me updated on anything exciting that you may find in London in FENDI, as we don’t have flagship FENDI boutiques in Australia, and therefore, lust for as much knowledge as possible. I would Kill for a catalogue, if that were a possibility.

    Warmest, GG. x.

    • Guess LVMH has some bad apples in the fam. The CS and quality just isn’t the same. They have different philosophies and different values. But Fendi is still on my list. Just have to see which one.

      And who are you willing to kill?? :p I’ll do my best on the catalogue thing. We have a Fendi boutique here, so if I can’t get one from London, maybe I can get one here. If they are smart, they will give me all they got! πŸ˜‰ I’ll keep you updated!!!

  5. Thanks so much, lovely gal. I am so excited about the catalogue. Who would I kill for one? I am yet to decide. Ahh, the plots and schemes of a handbag addict in the world of the 2jours.

    Honestly, you must invest in one, or at least the Chameleon bag. The duffle bag that is s uniquely Fendi, but great to change from the speedy.

    I look forward to your thoughts.

    Please forgive my tardy reply. Work has been insane.

    πŸ˜ƒπŸ“πŸ“–πŸ‘’πŸ‘ πŸ’ΌπŸŒ‚πŸ‘œπŸ‘œπŸ‘œπŸ‘œπŸ‘œ

    • So I went to Fendi in Harrods and they didn’t have a catalogue for me. I’ll try to get you one here in Amsterdam. I also went to Prada and I loved their stuff! I never really paid attention to them because they are played out here, but I love their Saffiano leather pieces!! Loved the double zip top handle and the bifold wallet in saffiano cameo color!! I’ll let you know when i’ve visited the Fendi store here about the catalogue! I’m gonna go stalk Prada’s website now :p

  6. will be in Amsterdam this weekend and will definitely be dropping by Fendi. Would you by any chance know what colors do they currently have for the 2Jour? Wanna make sure i have enough $$ once i’m there! πŸ™‚

    • Just went to have a look for you. They have 5 big ones, yellow, grey, brown, black and something else. 3 mediums in grey, off white and coral. Hope you’ll enjoy your stay!!! Happy shopping!!!

  7. excuse me i know this is an old post but would you happen to know how much would it costs to have your initials hot stamped?

    • Hey there. Just saw your comment. It is complimentary to have it hot stamped.

      Makes it even more worthwhile.

      Otherwise, maybe see if LV would do it for you….

      Who knows, the whole LVMH thing. X.

      • LV would not stamp Fendi. LV is French and Fendi is Italian. They fall under the same main company but that’s the only thing, they sometimes act like jealous sisters from different misters. When I went to Germany they said they would hotstamp it and send it to me by mail because I had to leave the next day. Didn’t do that, kinda sorry that I didn’t… X ps. You should come to Europe!!!

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