Nike: Find your Greatness commercial

effect of nike find your greatness on me

Nike Find your Greatness ad

Nike isn’t sponsoring the Olympics (which are over) this year, but did a great job with their ad: Find your greatness. It shows a “chubby” kid running. It is such a simple ad, and even inspiring watched without sound.

Nike did a great job tapping into the mountain that people face when they want to start running, they are scared of their own ability or too lazy.

I myself have been talking about running for ages, but when I see people run or the ads when I’m looking for running shoes I get demotivated. I would think: I can’t never run like they do. I would be out of breath within 15 seconds and stuff like that.

Nike’s Find your Greatness commercial did its job. It made me think, if he can do it. I can do it! I’m gonna use this kid as my inspiration and motivation to run! YES I WILL RUN or JOG!


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