Zara Antik leather combined bowling bag

Zara bag

Bag came in, in a nice storing box. apologies for the dark picture
Zara bag 2012 fall

The bag can’t “handle” too much weight

These are gorgeous but going back!

The pick up
My package came in!!! The shoes and the bag I picked up at the Zara store. How I regret doing that. Zara has the order online, pick up at store service for free. Great you would think, but the Zara in Amsterdam is so busy and apparently everyone thinking that the service is great. You have to stand in the pick up line for a long time… And I didn’t realize that the boxes would be so big, so I had to keep my hand in crab mode to drag it all home. Next time I’ll pay the 3,95 for shipping…

The studded spiked sandals
So I ordered the bag and the sandals. I was so excited to unpack. Let me start with the studded spikes sandals. I should have tried them on in the store. My feet are not that narrow and I had a hard time getting my foot in and when it was finally in, my feet were getting squeezed painfully! On the picture they don’t look that high, but these studded beauty were just too high for me. I had a hard time balancing my size 36 feet, I stood for 5 minutes and the back of my legs were killing me! I do respect those women who can walk in shoes like that… I wish I could…

The black and blue bag
This is just my favorite, I would have letten the FENDI go for this one. I ordered it online because the bags in the stores were all damaged. When I opened the box, I was disappointed to see that there was a scratch on it and that the same damage as in the store was on my bag from the storage from Spain. None the less, I was still happy with it.

After spraying it with water protective stuff, I took my baby out! It has a big compartment and you can fit anything in there, even a shoe box (thats what I will do when I return my shoes). BUT! The bag can’t handle a lot of weight. As you can see on the picture, there is some force on the leather. I’m afraid that if I put a lot of stuff in it, it will just tear the delicate leather. It is also prone to get scratched. It is really a shame, cause I was hoping this would be my forever bag.

So I’m back to my FENDI obsession…


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