Chanel le Vernis April 533

Chanel Vernis April

Chanel le Vernis is one of my favorite nail polish brand for a while now. And this Chanel le Vernis spring 2012 color April is just wonderful. I know it’s not a new color anymore, but it is still worth sharing. I used it with Herome nail hardener as base coat and as top coat. Using it as a topcoat did change it a bit, making it a bit more jelly like. I love the effect of it and have gotten a lot of compliments on the color.

How long does it last?
It is now 5 days later and with a few small chips on the index finger, the rest is still on perfectly.

After people compliment me on the color the price is the next thing that comes up. Everyone think that 22 euro is too much for a nail polish. But if you think how long it lasts… I keep it in the original box so sunlight can’t damage it. Got to protect my babies.

I love Chanel le Vernis! all day every day! I swear by it.



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