The Princess Man

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So we live in the world of emancipation. Us women can take care of ourselves perfectly without the need of a man (okay, maybe some needs, lets all be adults now). So whenever a man does come into our lives, we usually do expect something special.

My motto is: You need to have some added value, cause if not… I don’t know why you are still here.

So in this emancipated world of ours, some chivalry is still appreciated. Don’t say chivalry is dead, it’s how dead you make it. No matter how you argue that women and men have the same rights, duties and are equal, women are still built differently. But oh my, some men are taking the emancipation to the extreme and like to be treated like princesses. (I’m not complaining about my man btw)

What happend to the hunting and providing gene that our ancestor men used to carry?!

I have dated some men in the past and I have always been capable of taking care of myself financially or in any other way. Most men find it attractive, sexy or whatever because you are independent. I’m happy that it’s a plus, but don’t expect me to come over and bake/cook for you and then to go home by myself. You better know that you’ll be bringing me home, by car, bike, foot, motor cycle, boat or even by plane if you have one in your backyard!

Women are often willing to sacrifice because they will be patiently waiting for what is about to come, but hey, how long do you have to wait to get him to cook a meal or bring you some flowers… (once again, I’m not complaining about my own man)

My girlfriend just texted me that she is PISSED OFF, because her bf doesn’t want to go to her place. While last night she crawled out of bed to go to his when he asked for it. They expect you to look all fine when you go out, but can’t even come over when you ask?!?

Women should be treated like princesses and queens. How does these guys turn the freaking table and become Princess men?! I do have to say that the women do need to be held accountable for some of this behavior; act insulted when a man wants to pay for you; act like an uber diva and so on does contribute to that behavior. Women should act like princesses to be treated like a princess, men should act like princes’ to be treated like a prince.

Now, I’m not saying that all men are like that. There are a few good ones out there (and I’m not saying that my gf’s bf is that bad, but I just have a low tolerance for such behavior towards my gf’s because I think they deserve to be treated like princesses).

The good men know how to hold the door open for a lady, take you out, pay for dinner, bring you back home and give you a good footrub (if that’s your thing). These men do not complain about why they have to pay for everything, because they realize you spend a lot of money on making yourself look good so he can be in good company. And they are proud to treat you like you’re their princess or queen to show everyone that you’re worth it.

I personally can’t stand men being cheap asses, I can understand it if you don’t have any to give but if you do, it is kind of your duty. If you don’t have the means to take a girl out for dinner, you can always cook her a nice meal. If you don’t have the means to take her to the movies, you can take her out for a walk in the park….

What I wonder is: What are those Princess men thinking?!? Enlighten me!!!

Ps. if you do not feel comfortable with the term Princess men, but the description does fit you or your “friend”, you can use other phrases like emancipated men…


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