Luxury brands, all about customer satisfaction, YSL Facebook Devoted to Fans palette

YSL Devoted to fans palette Facebook

The great surprise on the horrible Monday morning!

When it comes to luxury brands, customer service is one of the key factors to make your brand a success. When consumers pay any price you ask, you will do anything to keep them happy. Being there for the consumer gives the true feeling of luxury. Of course, good customer service should be the core of every business, but you would expect it more from luxury brands.

A while ago I rampaged about my disappointment about the YSL Facebook Devoted to Fans campaign because I couldn’t purchase it on their Facebook page nor in their webshop because it was not available to my country (The Netherlands).

Within about a week I was contacted by YSL’s communication agency with a kind gesture: offering me the Facebook palette. And I accepted this (don’t have to ask me twice), answering with my shipping address. I was wondering about it last night in bed, since that was a few weeks ago…

Today, the oh so horrible Monday, I found the package on my desk!! I have to admit that I’m happy with it, not specifically because of the product, but that they do care enough about their consumers (or brand reputation) to do something about my unhappiness. Sure, it shouldn’t have happend in the first place, but mistakes are human.

To me it is all about the experience when it comes to getting a product (that I don’t really need). Doesn’t matter if it is 55 euros for a YSL palette or 2000 euros on a FENDI bag. If the experience is bad (even if the product is good), I will always have a bad association with the item and I would rather bring it back than having to look back at a bad memory all the time. Now a days we purchase a lot of WANT’s, and companies/marketeers tend to forget that the emotional attachment to the brand is so important (is it because they get cocky and don’t appreciate the one customer?).

YSL Beauté is a part of L’Oreal since 2008.

Good job YSL Beauté, or better said L’Oreal, on the good PR and community management! I’m happy that you took action, because YSL make up I just love and it would have been sad to distance myself from it because of the bad feeling. (now just better or more clear communication in the future, <= Oh I just can’t stop being mean huh… )


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