Sunday Market Westerpark while sipping on Mojito

Sunday Market 5 aug 2012, Westerpark

Sunday Market at the Westerpark

Zebra natural felt bag gray
Zebra natural felt bag gray, my new sportsbag

Nougat & Zo
Veenbessen pistache Nougat & Zo

This weekend was the Sunday Market at the Westerpark in Amsterdam again. For those who doesn’t know, Sunday Market at the Westerpark in Amsterdam takes place the first Sunday of the month. Like always you will find a lot of home made stuff, like bags, jewelry, food, cloths and so on. It’s great to just relax and look at/for some fun items to get cheaper than in the stores.

We had a look because the weather was pretty nice. To our great surprise there were a few Mojito stands, so while sipping on these yummies we took a stroll. Because we live pretty close to it, we enjoyed the weather, which was nice for a change in rainy Netherlands.

Bought a few things, a bag for when I go to the gym, Dutch nougat (yumyum), olives and of course not to forget the mojito. The bag is a felt bag with one small inside pocket for your phone. It’s a great bag to take to the gym. The felt is thick and he bag is simple, but does feel like good quality (I need good quality with my clumsiness I need durable stuff).

The nougat is Dutch made Nougat & Zo, without any coloring or flavors added (guess you can say organic?), it is also gluten free. After a free taste I was sold! (yes, the free sampling took me there, nooooo it was the taste, the filling and the softness of it :p).

I always have a great time at the Sunday Market in Westerpark. It is always a surprise to see what small treasures you’ll find. It is a great way to have a relaxed Sunday. So until the next time! I’m a bit tipsy now, so I’m gonna go take a nap. If in any case my writing today sounds a bit weird, blame it on the liquor!


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