My grainy YSL Volupte Sheer Candy no.2 Dewy Papaya


I love my new YSL lip balm, Volupte sheer candy no.2 dewy papaya, the hint of color looks very natural and it feels great (the smell and the taste could have been left out for me). It keeps my lips moist for hours even after its off. This is the first lipstick that looks good and natural on me, maybe because of its sheerness.

BUT! My new found love lipstick has grains in it!!! Like little scrub beads, maybe that’s the reason why my lips are moist, but all jokes aside I’m sure it’s not suppose to be like that! You can imagine that it’s very annoying having to pick the grains off my lips! I’m a bit disappointed especially it being an YSL product. So I’m going back to get a new one and hopefully a smooth one.

Ps. I can’t say its a great buy if you are just looking for a lip balm. You can get the simular results from a tinted chapstick… I got it because of the fancy packaging, but a regular chapstick without the tint would keep me satisfied just as easy.


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