Learn from my mistake, don’t abuse your clothes

How I did it…

While tidying up the house, to my utmost HORROR! I found my vests to be disfigured because of my laziness.

When I get home from a long day of work, I always hang my stuff up as fast as possible. My jacket on a hanger, my scarf on a hanger and by that time I’m done with the hangers, so I hang my vests on the hook…

Ow how I regret doing this. Now all my vests have a little finger sticking out of the back pointing at me like: Look what you have done to us… I hope I can wash it or hang it out. So now I put everything on a hanger, so yet it takes up more space I’m still too lazy to fold my vests. I know its not good to hang the wool stuff, because gravity is unforgiving like it is on a woman’s face reaching 45. But that’s a step away (like a bigger closet).

So learn from my mistakes and check your vests, maybe you can hook it on the lid, but I’m not taking any chances now…

How I do it…


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