Chanel Ear Cuff

Last night I was going through the stack of magazines I got at the Modefabriek, in the Grazia I found the Chanel ear cuff and I was IN LOVEEEE!!! Just gives a bit of magical feel, like elves… A few years ago Viktor & Rolf had a pair of earrings in their fashion show, which were flames ear cuffs and I wanted it so bad, but of course I didn’t have the funds back then and now I still don’t have the funds (that I’m willing to spend) for the Chanel ear cuff.

Chanel ear cuff

Chanel ear cuffs, so beautiful. I could just put this picture up in a frame…

So instead of breaking my savings account for these ear cuffs I found some other ear cuffs that are more affordable and more wearable for daytime.

Ear cuff miss selfridge

Miss Selfridge ear cuff

Asos leaves ear cuff

Topshop bling ear cuff

Asos spike earcuff for the more edgy girl

a My favorite, Asos wing ear cuff, comes in silver color too


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