Kyoto sushi mi!!!

Kyoto all-you-can-eat sushi Amsterdam

Great proportioned sushi, small pieces of rice

So I haven’t been living in Amsterdam long and I haven’t been to many sushi places here either, but I know good sushi when I taste it! Being familiar with the all-you-can-eat sushi places in Rotterdam, I usually don’t expect too much of it. But Kyoto cafe in Amsterdam (as well in The Hague) makes my mouth water when I think back at my sushi dinners there.

Located at the middle of Damrak by Amsterdam Central, it’s easy to get to. You might walk pass it cause the exterior isn’t loud but inside you can sit at the bar, more Japanese styled seats or regular tables. With the choices Basic, Deluxe or A la carte I always pic the Deluxe cause I don’t want to be limited for what I can order.

The food is fresh and in good proportions. They do not stuff the sushi with big pieces of rice to fill you up quickly. The sashimi is still sweet with flavor and puts a smile on my face with every bite. Not just tasty but healthy as well!

The service might not be the best, maybe it’s because of how busy they are, it’s always full (this of course cannot be an excuse). But the food makes up for it 100%.

Someone take me there now!!!


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