5 piece French Wardrobe, how to assemble your wardrobe

French wardrobe rules

Can I ever achieve this? Picture source: Paula’s post

As you might have seen in the “Moving house” post, my wardrobe is a MESS! What you see in that picture is not all that here is… I still have suitcases of stuff.

A while ago my fashion conscious friend told me about the French wardrobe (of course she has seen my mess). Now that I’m moving and re-organizing, I thought that might be a good way to go with my new life and closet. Now that I’m not a student anymore, working and an official adult, I think my wardrobe should grow up too now. Of course I’m having some problems with the rules (rebel rebel in me), but I will do my best to stick with it. Think my boyfriend would be happy with that too…

The French wardrobe concept is simple, instead of spending a lot of money on a lot of less expensive low quality cloths, spend your money on 5 quality pieces each season. Basics and accessories are in the free zone (yesss… some room to bend the rules here :p).

For all the 5 piece French wardrobe rules I did some googleling and I found a blog by Paula that explains it all. So rather than writing the whole thing myself I asked if I could reblog her post. I did some nipping and tucking in her post, but here you go!

Number 1. The rules.
1. Fabric and quality is more important than quantity.
2. Basics don’t count (basic tees are always allowed).
3. Accessories don’t count, except if they cost a lot more than usual.
4. Socks and underwear doesn’t count, the rest does.
5. Shoes do count.

Number 2. In order to follow this concept you definitely need to have a solid basic wardrobe, otherwise it will difficult to stay under the rules. But, what is a basic wardrobe?
Black, grey and white loose t-shirt
Black, grey and white tanktop
White or cream blouse, I would recommend a silk one.
Black dress.
Black blazer
Black Cardigan or sweater
Black pants
One pair of good jeans
Black skirt
Leather jacket
A complete black suit
Black pumps
Ankle Boots
Ballerinas/ Sneakers
Gold or silver watch
Black leather bag
Of course these garments varies according to the different climates, social demands and fashion preferences. However consider this list as a “big picture” look at building a basic wardrobe.

Number 3. Do you really want to stick to this minimalist French wardrobe concept? Get rid of the stuff in your closet that you don’t use anymore, it is very easy. <– not so easy for me, but I will get there, just need some support from friends…

Well, so here you have the rules. Just reading it makes me go itchy, getting rid of all the stuff I don’t use… But its for a good cause, an organized wardrobe is an organized mind.  The stuff you don’t use anymore, you can sell it online or give it to the needy. Don’t just chuck them in the bin, cause that would be a waste…

So now I have to get rid of a lot of stuff and then I can focus on the 5 things I’m gonna get this season!! :p Whoop whoop!


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