The day you put on a dress and are stuck in it

stuck in primark dress

Actually took a picture of the incident…

You know its the day to start going on a diet and to work out. This is a Primark dress with lemons on it, very cute but has no zipper! I managed to squeeze myself in it, but OMG taking it off was impossible!

Because of my broad shoulders I couldn’t get it over my head and the other way was not an option either. I whatsapped my girlfriends to ask what to do! But nobody had tips to help me besides telling me to cut myself out the dress! Okay, one offered to come over and pull it off of me, but I was just too embarrassed to let her see me like this. The damn thing was just too cute to cut!! I refused and I wiggled and twisted and finally got myself out of it. I overstretched my shoulder but hey, my dress wasn’t ripped or cut up.

I need to work out, I need to go to the gym! Bought myself a membership to the gym a month ago and haven’t been close to the place yet (okay, one time to have dinner across the street and yes I felt guilty!). Making up excuses and pushing it ahead of me…

Now when I think back to that moment when I was so stuck it the dress, I just have to go. So NEXT week!! I promise! Yes, I CAN! And Yes I WILL!!!

Primark Lemon Dress

When I was 10 kilo’s lighter and still got stuck in my dress…


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