Herôme w.i.c. nail polish, Colourful Curaçao limited edition

herome wic beaches

Herôme w.i.c Colourful Curaçao limited edition

Like a good hunter, my boyfriend brought back some goodies for me. This time it was a small arsenal of Herôme products including nailhardners, W.I.C. nail polish number 178-183 and the nail polish remover pads in a 30 piece container.

The Herôme W.I.C. (world inspired colors) were I inspired by Curaçao, they are called Kontiki beach; Mambo beach; Blue bay; Cabana beach; Banda bou and Daaibooi beach. All with a metallic shine. They all dried pretty quickly, but be careful not to put it on too thick. You do need two layers for good coverage. It doesn’t leave streaks like some metallic polishes do.

The lime green one Banda bou, not so metallic,is my favorite. Probably because it’s not so shiny you can’t see that my nails are not smooth. The metallic does show ridges on your nails, so would need a good buffer first before using metallic.

After trying on all the colors, I used the nail polish pads to remove it. It surprisingly smelled pleasant and seemed to contain some kind of oil. It came in a small container, super handy to put in your bag for on the go.

Think I’ll be putting on Banda bou soon, while the sun is still shining I need to be as summer as possible!!! Boyfriend did a great job bringing home the goodies!

The polishes sell for 7,50 euro a piece and available on Herôme webshop. 


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