Velvetees accessories that makes you go sugar crazy


First encounter
The first time I saw Velvetees was on the A cup of Cake website. Our company had an event and A Cup of Cake was there to provide the guest and us with yummy treats. It was in the goody bags and of course, we took one too. After a short browse on their website I saw that Velvetees made a special cupcake pendent necklace for A Cup of Cake! It’s so cute and it looks just like the cupcake.

At the Modefabriek they had a stand together with Pastry and A Cup of Cake. They will be launching a line in 2013 designed for Pastry. A logical match in my view because all of Velvetees pendants are cupcakes and foodies and Pastry sneakers are about pastries!

I’m curious for their new line and wondering what other collaboration Velvetees will have in the future. The way they are going now is a sign of great success in achieving a good brand awareness using co-branding. Co-branding is a good strategy to promote your brand, but also a good way to innovate your products. Will blog about this topic another time.

The jewelry
After scanning their website real quick (because I was at work ;p) I loved all of their pendants but especially their bracelets! Their jewelry are all handmade and priced at 16,95 euros (we’ve had the euros for so many years now and I still can’t find the euro sign on my keyboard). The bracelet costs more I think but you’ll have to contact them for the price.

The pendants are very cute and are great to add some cuteness to your outfit. Because it is well priced I would buy several of them for when I feel like being cute. Should have bought one at their stand the other day, jeezzz kinda after the fact huh…

Aw well another reason to shop!!


Pictures: Velvetees


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