Celine d’Aoust jewelry

Celine d'Aoust kate bracelet

Celine d’ Aoust Kate bracelet

This beautiful bangle is a design by Celine d’Aoust from Belgium, represented by MAD Brussels that supports new and upcoming designers. I found this brand during a visit to the Modefabriek, a fashion fair in Amsterdam. There I found beautiful jewelry that I would love to wear. The delicate and sophisticated design makes it wearable for every day. I love how classy it is and how easily it matches with other jewelry.

Celine d’Aoust is made by hand, this one is crafted with 14k gold and 0.28k diamonds. This Kate bangle retails at 1095 euro. Celine d’Aoust jewelry is sold in different stores in Brussels, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Geneva and more, but you will have to contact them to check which stores. Even though I do think it is a bit expensive, I still love it. Guess I’ll have to put this on my wishlist together with the FENDI 2jours!

delicate classy bangle

Love the combination of bracelets

Thin/narrow rings, perfect for my short finger

Picture source: Celine d’Aoust website


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