3 responses to “Yves Saint Laurent Failed Facebook Campaign YSL “Devoted to Fans Palette”

  1. Same disappointment. I know the campaign was hosted on the US fanpage but they should have stated it was meant only for US residents, from the very beginning. I have wasted time in refereshing, changing FB settings, loggin in and out, switching browsers, chasing the palette on sale on YSL foreign websites… None of the websites shipped to Italy and the tab never appeared on my FB pages (both US and European). It’s only make up -no big deal, I can live without it and spend my money elsewhere – but the fail in terms of communication and reputation for YSL was huge especially because the whole thing was intended for their FB fans. What a negative boomerang effect!

    • Totally agree!!! With everything, I did all that too!!! But I don’t think they care too much about the effect. Its all about making money, and I think they think a few more or less doesn’t mean a thing. And also that they think that the effect on their reputation is small and fixable. Hope they do a better job next time.

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