Sephora Goody bag



Most of you know Sephora, the store that sells different brands of make up and fragrances. Last week I got a nicely filled Sephora goody bag. And I LOVE me some new things to try out.

A few brands in the bag: Burt’s Bees, Too Faced and Sephora.

Burt’s Bees product is a leg and foot cream with peppermint oils and rosemary leaf extract. It of course smells like peppermint (after a bit it smells like chinese medicine), it feels really light and is not greasy at all. It leaves the skin moist. I did have to shake the tube cause the formula had separated.

Too Faced products were an eye shadow and the brow pencil “Brow-nie”. The pencil has crayon on one side and a brush on the other side. I’ve tried pencils before but they often feel hard or draw on too harsh, even when it’s a lighter color. The color of Brow-nie is Browne-y and suits me good and looks natural on my Chinese girl brows.

Sephoras own products were surprising. Their nail polish has the same kind of brush as Dior, round shaped so application is easier. Have to say I didn’t get very excited about the polish. There is also a big box of make up, shadows, lipgloss and blushes. It’s in pallets which you can put in a small tower. The colors are really nice and easy to mix. Haven’t tried the colors to check how the pigmentation is. Their nail polish remover is innovative, its a jar with a sponge in it with nail polish remover liquid. You just stick your finger in it and turn your fingers a couple of times and the nail polish is gone!

Overall I’m very happy with what I got and am grateful to have received this gift.
Happy happy happy!!!!


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