Friends, as thick as syrup

They say family is blood and blood is thicker than water. So family is more important than anything else. But syrup is thicker than blood, so are pancakes more important than family?!

My friends are very important to me, they are my support system. I have known each and every one of them for years and we have been through thick and thin. With most of them I had bad fights (not physical) and had not spoken to for a while (sometimes year). By the time we got back together we know what we have missed and we promised to stick to each other no matter what fights will occur. And those fights can be bad cause, since we all have a bad temper and don’t take shit from others.

Once in a while there are friendships that you have to evaluate, because not all friendships are meaningful. Of course every friendship is different, but what they all need to have in common is adding value to your life.

I’m at the point of re-evaluating a friendship. Someone who I had doubts about when I first met but whom I’ve gotten to know through ups and downs in both of our lives. I especially remember being there for her in her downs, not so much her in mine. Nobody is perfect, but she has always tested my patience with her actions like going after my exes and going MIA when I needed her the most.

Now I’m in dilemma by her (none)actions and the time I’ve invested in our friendship. She contacted me today, that she couldn’t pick up my call for help because she had just heard that she didn’t pass her examn. I did not respond and she sent me a Whatsapp message saying that I’ve got mail. Still I have not responded because I don’t know if I can trust her to ever be there for me. I’m still hoping that maybe one day she will wake up and understands that having a friend means being a friend as well. I’m not sure if she ever will grasp that fact about a friendship with me. Now I wonder why she just hasn’t called me…

I don’t know what to do, reply her like I’m not bothered and be there for her through her sadness of failing her exam; replying her with my disappointment in her or not reply at all. What are your thoughts?

Somehow I see giving up on this friendship as an action of failure… I’m so torn…


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