YSL “Devoted to Fans Palette” Limited Edition Facebook sale 19 July

I need to get this!

On Thursday July 19 at 9am (EST) YSL is introducing a limited edition palette that celebrates the power of Facebook fans!

A vibrant declaration of love for the fans, the YSL “Devoted to Fans Palette” is the first exclusive entirely digital product for Facebook fans (I hope they mean social media based product, that there is a physical product). A limited quantity of 1650 pieces (world-wide) and only 500 pieces (US) are available for YSL Facebook fans only.

Be one of the few to own this social media milestone. Spread the word. Spread the love. YSL loves its fans! And I love Yves Saint Laurent, even more if I get it!!!!

I’ve already marked it in my calendar 3pm CET! Have you?

Update respond from Yves Saint Laurent Fragrances & Beauty on Facebook: Hi Again! For those of you asking if it is an actual product or a “virtual” product it is a real physical product. Think of it as a collector’s piece but of course you can wear it!

Source:Yves Saint Laurent Fragrances & Beauty Facebook page


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