Swarovski sale

Okay, so I have been selfish… I’m sorry. I didn’t want to share this with you at first, because I wanted to keep the sales to myself for some personal reasons but now I’m gonna be good and be social.

Swarovski is having sales up to 50%, you might have seen it in the stores already. When I went in Rotterdam I did find some things I wanted to get, but the sales online are different from the stores. Online the sales are much better because they have more and cheaper sales.

I, myself am fan of their charms. My boyfriend gave me a bracelet and now I’m adding charms to it. Today I went to the Swarovski store in Amsterdam cause I saw the 50% off sign. And… I got myself a new charm!!! I got the Flower Bell charm to go with the Rubber Band I got from my boyfriend. He had some smooth line, something like: I got you the Rubber Band because our relationship doesn’t make me feel restraint but feels so flexible. Believe me it was a lot smoother when he said it…

But so, go have a look in the store or online at www.swarovski.com and spoil yourself or your girlfriend (and come up with a corny line). Girls deserve them some jewelry!


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