Peruvian food in Amsterdam

Phone died, so couldn’t take pictures at the restaurant, maybe you should go check it out for yourself ;p

Had dinner with my girl in Amsterdam. She took me out for dinner with a Groupon deal for my birthday to a Peruvian restaurant. It’s called Sabor Latino Peru, which is a tapas restaurant bar that serves of course Peruvian tapas and meals but also very good cocktails.

It is a small place on the Utrechtsestraat, next to the Rembrandtplein, if you have the Ajax store in front of you it will be on your right, across the street from Starbucks. Somehow we still managed to get lost… we both lack the GPS gene, but luckily there was a girl who could tell us which way to go. From the outside you can’t really tell it’s a real restaurant, but it is a nice cozy place with a great atmosphere, about 25 seats. The interior is warm and it does give out a cultural feel.  Because my phone battery was dead, I wasn’t able to take pictures.

The service is good and the mojito is even better. We never tried Peruvian food before, but we were happy with our choices. For dinner we ordered 6 tapas, all very healthy and you could tell that their veggies and fish were fresh. A tapas/starter starts from 2,80 to 9,80 euro and a header starts from 12,90 euro for a chicken dish. The tapas portions are small, don’t expect to be full after 2 tapas. We ordered fish, chicken and some vegetarian tapas and they were surprisingly served on white plates like in an expensive star restaurant. The cocktails were reasonable in price and very good to the taste.

It is a good option if you want to have something different and you want to party afterwards at Rembrandtplein. Sabor Latino Peru would be a place to go with a girlfriend to catch up or just a one on one dinner with the boyfriend.

Anyone else knows a good place to eat out in Amsterdam? Still on my journey to discover my new city.


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