Chanel and Dior Vernis… only on sale

Small part of my vernis collection

Dior and Chanel are the brands I use. Why? Because I stick to what I know and sometimes I’m willing to try something else. Chanel is the prefered brand for mascara, so of course I would try their nailpolish first and I love the colors and texture. I had my doubts with Dior, but after testing and seeing the brush and polish I was sold! 

My designer brand nailpolish collection keeps growing because I can’t stand not buying the new colors or classics I find (okay, hunt). These babies don’t come cheap and because I love money in the bank as much as some quality designer nailpolish on my fingers and toes I will have to keep track of the good sales.

The places I go to are Sephora and ICI Paris XL because they often have great make up and skin care deals like 25% or 30% off when you buy two products. Sephora you can find in V&D in Amstelveen, but not Amsterdam centre. ICI Paris XL you can find about anywhere.

To not waste my own time, I check their websites or their Facebook page first to see what sales they have. So don’t rob yourself and spoil yourself wisely!!


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