The price of beauty… worth investing?


Not too long ago I wrote about spending money wisely. Sometimes somethings has to be carefully considered. One thing that I used to save money on was beauty products, those products were not cheap, but I never paid the actual retail price. One thing I’ve noticed that they would do a great job for me but after a month my skin would burn.

I decided that now I’m getting older I should invest in my skin. Ladies, you can always buy facelifts but its better to prevent you having to walk around like a scarecrow before you decide to have such a thing done. So I looked up a salon that carries the brand of which I satisfyingly used a sample of, Hannah.

The closest one was 10 minutes walk away, close enough for me to sprint home if I would leave with a red scrubbed head. It is a small local business called Damesschoonheidssalon only carrying the Hannah product. The lady has her one woman business providing personal care, time, education and professional service for your skin. The place looked well taken care of and new. The machines to analyse your skin are modern and clean.

The 90 minutes treatment at Damesschoonheidssalon consist of analysis, cleaning, scrub, peeling, deep tissue massage and knowledge about the skin. The treatment left me with a skin as soft as a baby bum (if you don’t know how it feels, don’t go feel up a baby and blame charges on me). My face looks less saggy and is less thick. She told me that uv makes your skin thicker (and I’ve been on holiday to Tenerife).

For my big pores problem and what I call a strawberry nose she advised me to use peeling for a week to reduce the icky stuff (that white creamy stuff that isn’t puss) from building up. Also to clean my face with lotion instead of gelwash (apparently dries out the skin). As for a creme, she recommended me to use the one I have the sample of, which contains spf.

These three products I bought and I’m eager to find out if this is my brand to stick with. Also booked a second appointment with the Damesschoonheidssalon to maintain my skin, preventing it from sagging. The first visit comes with a perk, you get 30% off the 90 minutes treatment, which cost 82,50 euros and with discount its 57,75.

At first I felt like I wasted a lot of money, but this is money well spent. Every woman should be pampered and what better way to treat yourself than with a good professional beauty treatment once in 2 months. When you get older you would have good skin to show for your money!


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